God is so amazing in using His children to reach out and bring others home into His mighty, hugging, protective, redemptive, healing arms!
A large African man (former boy soldier, adopted at age 14) came to the Holt table.  He asked me for a hug and as I hugged this young man, he started sobbing.  I just kept hugging until he was spent of all his tears. He whispered in my ear, “Thank-you for letting me see the healing side.  I did not think it was possible for people like us, but I see it in your countenance. Your eyes show it all. I too can make it now!”
There are many Holt adoptees who volunteer at numerous event locations. It’s a testament of a non-profit whose children are proud of their adoption and the organization. We connect emotionally without words. We are a people group!
Many people who come from hurt places are given hope–story after story!  A young boy just off the streets was given hope. A foster girl was given hope. A mother who lived in shame and guilt was given hope. A group of teenagers from a group home were given hope. An adopted mom whose daughter was recovering from abuse was given hope. People are challenged to give what little they have, and in doing so, give and receive hope!
It has been an honor to be a small part of the big picture of Heaven’s will being done on earth through Winter Jam.  My husband and I have grown to love the Winter Jam family!