I am finally back home! It seems like a lifetime, but it has only been two weeks!  I am blessed to minister with and in so many different forums. I meet thousands of beautiful people who have a passion for causes which are very close to their hearts! I am blessed to cross paths with them!

I will have the summer (cross my fingers) to engage with my husband, children, and grandchildren. I also believe I will finish my second book! It gets put back on the shelf so often due to ongoing ministry! I believe it will be a vital book with simple answers to deep questions! Our Papa is not complicated with His answers! As I share my path of awareness into — pain, lies, shame, guilt, self-hatred, blame, identity, unforgiveness, fear–and then the beautiful revelation of –inner peace, truth, freedom, life, love, acceptance, knowing the inner spirit, forgiveness, and joy!

There is a point in all our lives! We matter! There is the opportune time to do things. A right time when everything comes to light! When our perspective is correct, we see that He already made plain how to live and what to live for! He taught us how to live fair and just with those around us. The heart of what and why we do things comes out of compassion and loyalty! In the end, to give Him all honor and Glory!

This summer, I plan on doing this!!!Living room May 2017