Hello and welcome to my website. I am delighted that you stopped by. Your choice to visit this site suggests that you are, at least, remotely interested in the cause of the orphan. For that, I am so grateful. You see, I began my life on earth as an abandoned Korean War orphan, and today, I serve heartily as a global advocate for orphans. I am committed to increasing public awareness of their plight and helping to raise funds necessary to provide permanent, secure homes for these roughly 143 million children.

In She Is Mine, I share my orphan story, in the hope that it will bear witness to the tremendous impact just one person can have on this crisis. While this particular story is my own, it differs from that of countless others only in cultural details. This story belongs to the world’s other orphans as much as it belongs to me. All are crying out for a caring person to deliver them from the crisis of abandonment and oppression.

Today, through the media, we see what life has become for so many children. We see and hear evidence of a brutal world filled with child slavery, child abandonment, and innumerous other atrocities involving children. And while nearly all of us believe that each child deserves to be loved and cherished, paying simple lip service to that belief does nothing to right the terrible wrongs suffered by these children worldwide. My goal for every orphan is that they actually get the opportunity to have a family and a safe community where they are accepted, where they feel that they belong.

I’ve had the privilege of sharing my experience domestically and internationally for over thirty years. No matter where I go, orphans and adoptees come up to me and say, “You are telling my story too!” The details of our lives may differ, but whatever the circumstances, the emotional scarring is always recognizable. We all share the same pain of rejection, betrayal, and abuse. Sadly, most orphans across the planet will never gain the opportunity to share their stories, much less start the healing process necessary for them to experience how joyful and rewarding life can truly be. Thank you for allowing me the great privilege of sharing this story of survival and redemption. If my story inspires even just one reader to act to promote justice, then I am content in the knowledge that other orphans will be rescued.

For the first twenty years of my new life, I held my orphan story close to my heart because of the shame I felt and my fear of being rejected again. Now I openly share so that others may be encouraged to speak up. More importantly, I want to make it clear that in every instance of my life, whether I knew it or not, there was a greater, higher, wiser power prompting willing hearts to rescue me. My rescuers were regular people who acknowledged and yielded to a divine prompting. Whether it was simple intuition or an inner still, small voice, each willing heart heard a call for justice and exhibited grace in their reply.

My gratitude for my own rescue is profound. Fortunately, I have come to know the One who compelled those willing hearts of my past to both help me personally and to, with God’s grace, extend them to work for the cause of the orphan and the unwanted. My faith in the One has allowed me to “dump the garbage” from my past and embrace the here and now.

And that transformation is what propels me into action on behalf of other orphans. It has taken many, many years of healing, but now I know the truth of who I am. I walk with patience, doing my part to improve orphan care. Embracing life day by day, I live with the belief that great things lie ahead.

Please join me in this richly rewarding, life-transforming journey. Together, we can work to reverse our global orphan crisis, bringing hope and justice to the voiceless and unseen.