I am still trying to process this comment–“you are so attractive and articulate, so I don’t think you completely get how it feels to be REJECTED.  “Ummmm– I was left and abandoned at a train station when I was way too young! I had to take care of myself till I was found on a garbage heap dying! I survived the emotional abuse of orphanage life. I was used as a domestic slave. I was physically violated. I had identity issues being raised in a white community. I dealt with self-destruction for years due to the lies floating in my brain. I could go on and on about rejection but what does LOOKS have anything to do with it? It was my looks and bloodline that started the rejection in the first place! I dealt with my looks all throughout my life. As a teenager, I did everything I could to look American! I try to be understanding, but I am a bit dumbfounded right now! Rejection comes every day from every place! But I choose— “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” I WILL my spirit to forgive and release! No matter how long we have journeyed through life, some comments just cause pause to reevaluate our identity, significance, and our security! Each one of us is a child of the Great Creator, so the only place to dwell is under the shadow of His Wings!

Abstract shiny brutal wings symbol with a space for your text. EPS 10 vector illustration, contains transparencies. High resolution jpeg file included(300dpi).