Orphans at Risk Means a World at Risk. There Is Nothing Less at Stake Than Our Morality!

In popular culture, Little Orphan Annie lights up Broadway, singing about how wonderful it will all be “Tomorrow.”  In literature, Oliver Twist smartly asks for “more porridge please.”  These orphans are truly cute and their less than ideal situations are at least tolerable.  Now, in a remarkable new memoir, She is Mine: A War Orphan’s Incredible Journey Of Survival (D &S Publishing, September 1, 2014, 224 pages), Stephanie Fast holds up a global mirror of truth–terrible and searing as it is–about the millions of young orphans who have no bright tomorrows to look forward to, and who are suffering horrifically right now due to the ravages of war, disease, famine, and other global catastrophes.

Unwanted by her mother’s people because of her bi-racial identity, Stephanie (the American name she would be given) was–unbelievable as it seems–completely abandoned at the tender age of four at a train station and left to wander the war-torn Korean countryside.  Cruelly persecuted and tortured, she eventually wound up on a garbage dump, covered with boils and dirt, lice-infested, worm-ridden, and cross-eyed from malnutrition.  Miraculously rescued, Stephanie still faced many other horrendous experiences before she caught the attention of a childless American couple at nine years old.  Even then, her emotionally dead effect took years to overcome.

The miracle and uniqueness of this book is that it is written from a young girl’s point of view.  We follow this tiny half-Korean, half-American, nameless, homeless, rootless child, and experience what she endures in a way that is deeply moving.  Ultimately, this book is a testament to the human spirit and to the good that exists alongside the evil.  It is also a testament to the power and ability of faith to heal the wounded heart.

Stephanie Fast – She Is Mine – Inside the Book
Stephanie Fast – She Is Mine – Stephanie's Story
Stephanie Fast – She Is Mine – Stephanie's Story
Stephanie Fast – She Is Mine – Stephanie's Story
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