chain which breaks under pressure with the back wall

Freedom to live a life not ensnared by the lies, shame, guilt, regret from our human experiences takes sitting before our Papa! To train our ears to hear, quiet our spirit to connect and know the truth! Only then can we not be caught up in wanting everything our way! When we sit in His presence, we hear how we can serve Him, not Him serving us! I have learned when discontent settles in my heart, my conversations with my Papa are more like begging, not connecting with faith! Without daily feeding my spirit with His truth, I fall flat on my face. My past insecurities are right there to take over. I have and am still learning to have God-confidence, not self confidence be my identity! As I align my spirit to Him, everything within me tells me, He will never let me down. He will never push me beyond my limit. He is always there to help me walk through to Freedom! I have conversations every day with people who are ensnared by their human spirit not connecting with their Freedom Giver. My passion in life is sitting with them as they walk through their lies till they can hear the true voice of their Loving Papa! I do not have the answers, He does! I also at times need a mentor to help me walk through when I get stuck! So thankful that every day is a brand new day with Him!