Life is 10% what has happened to us and 90% how we handle it!
I am asked all the time how I can be who I am today with my history of being so ugly! Of course, it is because of my Papa! I also determined to set my attitude to allow my past to be a conduit for life, not death, blessings, not destruction, forgiveness, not resentment, seeing His perspective, having a birds-eye view of the whole picture, not just what my mind understood! I chose to believe that my future is full of hope!
We do not find a happy life; we make it! Sometimes we will win big in life, and other times we will scrape ourselves off the floor and seem like we have nothing worth living for! But as we keep our eyes on Him, keep walking! This loss will pass, and we will learn from the experience! Let us enjoy our lives without comparing it to anyone else! Only us and our Creator can understand our life, and He is there to teach us. Are we willing to learn and move forward? There is so much abundance when we do!