Prayer is not a one time request in time of stress but continuously holding firm to the lifeline from Heaven! I picture it like a slide connecting Heaven to us. Answers slide down from Him. If we walk away from our side of the slide, we might miss the answers! I believe that is why He says, “pray continuously.” His word tells us that we live in confidence with the knowledge that He hears us and works on our behalf! I have prayed prayers and when the answer does not come in my “timeframe” I disconnect from the source of my strength. I have prayed a prayer then only hear myself later talking about the impossibility of it happening.

Never stop believing—

Cropped image of beautiful business team holding hands and praying while sitting in office

the answer is on its way! Don’t speak words of doubt or disbelief! The enemy will roar and try to discourage you, remind your spirit that through Him, everything you need is available to you! Stand strong in the promise of His promises!

PRAY with Faith, not fear!